Milagros Ivory

Milagros Ivory

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Milagros are charms used for requests, for protection, and as a source of good luck. The word Milagros in Spanish means “miracle” or “surprise” and people in the past and present use them as symbols to wish others luck, good health, and hope for the future. 

There is no universal interpretation for the objects (symbols) depicted in Milagros, interpretations are based on how each individual uses of them.


Roll Length: 10m
Roll Width: 52cm
Repeat Size: 52cm x 29.7cm

All paper purchases are final. Please be sure to measure accurately and if in doubt order samples first.

Installation tips

We recommend using good quality wallpaper paste to ensure the best results.

This is a paste-the-wall product, the decorator should paste the wall and not the back of the wallpaper.