Introducing: Milagros


Introducing: Milagros

Emily Hartley

We are so excited to share our newest member of the LQ family – Milagros, meaning miracles in Spanish. 

Milagros are little folk charms often used for protection or as a source of good luck. The mystique and folklore surrounding Milagros are found throughout parts of North, Central and South America, but the origin is thought to have come from the Spanish as they arrived in the Americas. We are always enticed by traditions, myths and fables, so it is fitting that our Milagros design joins the lineup.

We spoke to Karen to find out more about our latest addition to the collection.

Inspiration behind Milagros;

Milagros came about because of my fascination with archetypal symbols and ideas across cultures.  Every culture has a version of Milagros and uses talismans as a form of protection and luck.  The reason I was so taken with Milagros specifically was because of the way they are often arranged, tightly packed, tiny, detailed metal cut charms, with often equal spacing between them.  There is something really artistic and pattern-like about their arrangement, and I'm sure it would be highly satisfying and therapeutic to spend a couple of hours arranging them into place which is what happened with the wallpaper design.

What was the process for designing it?

A lot of research into common Milagros charms, meanings and themes.  I spent hours looking at huge bundles of Milagros charms on eBay! So tempted to buy a bulk load and go to town on the walls of our house.  But I settled for drawing them, and then as I mentioned, rather therapeutically and methodically placing them together in an arrangement that was pleasing to the eye.

How do you envisage it being used?

I imagine it working really well in a hallway because of its small scale. Or in a tight small area like an under-stairs loo with an eclectic mix of artwork in antique frames and other treasures adorning the walls.  More is more as far as this is concerned in my opinion. It's meant to be a celebration of magical thinking and the collection of treasures in the home.

Our Milagros wallpaper comes in 3 beautiful colours – Blue, Oxblood & Ivory. We can’t wait to see how you use it!