Inspired By…Maria Sibylla Merian


Inspired By…Maria Sibylla Merian

Emily Hartley

Our designs are inspired by an eclectic mix of sources, from antique curios and trinkets to folklore and the natural world. No one is more important to the documentation of the natural world to us than Maria Sibylla Merian.

So much so, that we named one of our signature designs after her. A 17th century botanical artist and one of the first women in this field, scholar of the natural sciences, mother, feminist and all-round wonder woman, Maria Sibylla Merian was a remarkable lady. Her international acclaim was born from an impressive journey to Suriname where after she published ‘The Transformation of Insects in Surinam’.


This fascinating body of work beautifully depicted the flora and fauna, with a particular focus on insects. From the life cycle of butterflies to precise studies of the local fauna, she recorded her findings then recreated them into vivid watercolour compositions. These compositions transcended the scientific realm and crossed over into realistic works of art. 

Our Sibylla wallpaper and fabric dra huge inspiration from Maria Sibylla Merian’s beautiful watercolour studies. Focussing on a variety of intertwining foliage, flowers and berries, we hope to take you on a voyage through the natural world, a la Maria Sibylla Merian.