Georgian Townhouse Nursery by Emilie Fournet Interiors


Georgian Townhouse Nursery by Emilie Fournet Interiors

Emily Hartley

We think interiors should be fun and what’s more fun than wallpaper to add dash of colour and personality to a space? Emilie Fournet interiors completely encapsulate this notion, breathing new life and charm into a nursery within a Georgian townhouse.  We caught up with Emilie to discuss the project and found how she used our Creeping Toadflax wallpaper to bring the room to life.


Tell us about your process for designing the nursery…

The nursery was originally going to be a guest bedroom, then, a few months into the project, the clients were expecting a baby! Luckily, the gorgeous Creeping Toadflax wallpaper worked well in both instances, so we built a gender neutral scheme around it. The wallpaper works so well with the darker original floorboards that can be found throughout the house and the overall colour scheme.


We love that you chose to use our Creeping Toadflax wallpaper for this scheme. Why was this selected? 

The clients love patterns but also wanted to keep the room light and cosy. Creeping Toadflax has the perfect balance of botanical without overwhelming the space. Plus, the little snails are totally adorable and everyone fell in love with them.

 Emilie Fournet Interiors. Photography Kasia Fiszer

What effect does wallpaper have on a room?

Wallpaper is such a good way to make a statement in a room. Wallpaper throughout a room can really bring that cocooning feeling in to a space. The right wallpaper has the ability to transport you to a different place, it feels very indulgent. Choosing wallpaper can feel tinged with a sense of risk too, which I love. I tend to encourage anyone sitting on the fence to go for it.  

Emilie Fournet Interiors. Photography Kasia Fiszer

How did you select the paint colours to sit alongside the wallpaper?  

The paint colours you choose to go with a wallpaper are so important for framing. The colours should enhance the paper, not fight it. As we were going for a gender neutral nursery, I was immediately drawn to the yellowy/greeny/brown tones. Oak Apple from Little Greene was the perfect colour to bring these colours out of the walls and onto the woodwork. We used First Light, also by Little Greene, for the ceiling as it matches the base of the wallpaper and gives that seamless transition from walls to ceilings. Finally, Adventurer, Little Greene again, was used on the bookshelves to add some depth and pick up on the darker hues in the wallpaper. Overall, the paint colours balance the wallpaper really well.

What do you love about the finished design/space? 

It's such a playful and pretty nursery. It has a timelessness and elegance that suits the Georgian townhouse perfectly. The clients are delighted with it!


All photos:  Emilie Fournet Interiors. Photography Kasia Fiszer